Ao Kotinga

The Thirteen Styles

The movement of the hands has eight directions while the feet has five steps.

The eight directions are four proper square directions plus four angle directions.

The five step positions are forward, backward, leftward, rightward, and centre.

The five step positions represent the five elements.

Ao Kotinga is the separation of Te Poo me Te Raa which evolves from Te Kore te Tamaua.

Ao Kotinga is represented symbolically by a solid line which corresponds to Te Raa and a broken line which corresponds to
Te Poo.

It represents the one becoming two.

Te Hau Oo Te Kore te Tamaua becomes two separate forces.

It is also called the two great powers.

Ao kotinga is related to heaven and earth.

Te Kore te Tamaua generates Te Hau; Te Hau generates Te Poo me Te Raa, Te Poo me Te Raa can change in infinite ways.

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