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Aparua Toru oo Te Whanau Marama

1. Fire:

a) Fire of fire – lightning, swift violence of onset, Aries.

b) Air of fire – sun, steady force of energy, Leo.

c) Water of fire – rainbow, fading spiritualized reflection of the image, Sagittarius.

2. Water:

a) Fire of water – rain, spring, swift passionate attack, Cancer.

b) Air of water – sea, steady force of putrefaction, Scorpio.

c) Water of water – pool, stagnant, spiritualized reflection of images, Pisces.

3. Air:

a) Fire of air – wind, swift onset, idea of balance as in trade winds, Libra.

b) Air of air – clouds, steady conveyors of water, Aquarius.

c) Water of air – vibrations, bulk unmoved, spiritualized to reflect mind, Gemini.

4. Earth:

a) Fire of earth – mountains, violent pressure due to gravitation, Capricorn.

b) Air of earth – plains, steady bearing of life, Taurus.

c) Water of earth – fields quiet, spiritualized to bear vegetable and animal life, Virgo.

5. In each case the cardinal sign represents the birth of the element, the kerubic sign its life, and the mutable sign its passing over towards the ideal form proper to it, i.e.….. spirit.

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