Atu Aa Rangatira Ko Maui

1. When one searches for the understanding of the self a Tohunga is always appointed as a companion to guide one to their goal of communion with the truth shared with us by Io and Ngaa Atua.

In this does the appointed one take our hand and share with us their experiences that we may avoid the obstacles encountered upon the pathway of our journey.

If this desire to understand the self is sincere and we have a determination to reach such a goal, direction is given to all our efforts by those who themselves have completed the journey.

Thus one comes to understand the nature of the sharing process of all things that are of Wairua and the Awhi of Ngaa Atua. For Maaori this sharing process found its beginning in Atu Aa Rangatira ko Maui.

It is a process by which we can understand our relationship with Io and the Awhi which is extended to all.

2. The word Rangatira means understanding all which is of Wairua. To begin such a journey of understanding, those whom attend us ask for commitment and patience.

This is necessary because the ego and preconceived ideas we all carry with us in the physical world must be stripped away so that we may stand in the light of Io and not in our own shadow.

On this special journey is our understanding of our true place in the universe thoroughly tested by experiences in the inner and outer worlds, that our faith and trust in those who share with us will find a firm foundation.

In the absence of this, our Whare will fall and we must again begin.

In the end we gain the inner strength to advance upon our journey with sure step.

3. The nature of Rangatira is such that it demands we exercise respect for that which is shared with us.

If that is our attitude there is nothing we will not understand and Ngaa Atua will open many doors for us in our journey of the spiritual worlds.

In ancient times Rangatira in all aspects was deeply understood by all and the natural sharing process of its teachings given precedence above all else.

That is a lesson we all must relearn.

The one command of Io in the beginning was; “Share all that i am that i may call my people home to me”.

4. One of the first lessons which demands our attention is that the natural Wairua lore of Rangatira gives no privileged position of understanding to any one individual.

It is for all and will take permanent residence within the inner heart center according to the depth of ones desire to share with ones fellow beings.

To misunderstand this is to deny that which Tupuna and Ngaa Atua wish to share with all humanity.

5. The three principles of Rangatira which are paramount to our success in our search for our own identity are well stated by Ngaa Atua:

a) the key to identity of the self is the understanding of the Aroha of Io and Ngaa Atua.

This is gained by attention to the guidance and instruction shared with us by those of the inner spiritual planes whose prime appointed role is to assist our journey.

b) the key to understanding the natural sharing process of all things Maaori is the ability of those who lead to recognize that to share freely with all that which is gifted to them, and without qualification of that which one seeks, is to fill ones own cup.

c) the key to renewing the Maana of Io and Ngaa Atua for all Maaori is in ones communion with the ancestral line by opening the doors of Whakapapa to all.

6. “From the beginning to the end it is Rangatira that gives understanding of the self. With the knowledge and understanding it gives us, we are one with all beings and Ngaa Atua.”

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