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Awhi is an energy of consciousness that is relatively safe in magikal workings.

It is beyond personal emotion or mere sentiment.

Far superior to sympathy it also mediates and filters the intensity of the primal fire of Aroha as a power.

The polarised relationship between Awhi and Severity is crucial in ritual magik work.

Awhi flows towards humanity from the higher worlds of conscious energy and we are able to partake of it due to Whakariterite Oo Wairua Iho.

The power of Awhi is a classic example of role reversal in magikal practice.

The customary stereotypes of Aroha and Awhi are often female and the stereotype of Severity and Destruction are male; yet in the inner workings these roles are reversed.

The female now becomes Severity whilst the male becomes Awhi.

Awhi is the highest level of consciousness before the universal abyss.

It is the most potent power that may be filtered through to the human state in the outer worlds.

Its operation cuts across all other cycles and powers if we are once able to achieve the polar state required for its effective transmission into the outer realms.

Herein is found the central ethic and polarising power of Io me Oi.

Humanity requires a transpersonal aim to catalyse freedom from the tyranny of the false personality; discipline will carry one far but one step beyond discipline is Awhi.

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