The Study of Hau in the emptiness of Tikanga Whakaako Whawhai Ahua Ngakau

The so called ‘emptiness’ can be shown by the symbol of a round circle.

The so called ‘existing Hau’ can be shown by the symbol of a round circle with a dot in the center of it.

The empty circle symbolizes Te Kore te Tamaua, and the circle with the dot symbolizes Te Mauri.

When the dot extends beyond itself to form the circle with a vertical in it, it symbolizes Whakapono Aa Mauri Ora.

Te Hau generated from the emptiness is the only real pre-natal Hau coming through inverse motion.

Te Hau generated from emptiness means to return to the origin and use Te Hau of pre-heaven.

This Hau is vital as it contains a lease on life which is the root of life, the source of creation, and the basis of living and death.

This Hau is not tranquil, it is active and bubbling and always changing.

It contains the creative Hau.

At the time just before the beginning of motion, the whole body is empty but full with this Hau.

There exists the foundation but it is hidden.

Before the body moves the intention of motion is generated already.

Although no trace of this Hau is yet shown, the intention of motion already exists in the interior.

This is Te Ahi Oo Te Mauri.

To begin, make a half turn to the right.

Both hands hand down vertically.

The left foot steps forward closing to the shin bone of the right foot.

The feet form an angle of 45 degrees.

The upper surface of the tongue is in contact with the upper palate, and the anus is gently lifting up.

The eyes look back up over the right shoulder

This posture is for controlling the relationship between Te Poo me Te Raa grasping the principle of creation, directing Te Ao Kotinga managing the key points; and inversely moving the pre-natal real Hau Oo Te Raa to avoid the post natal false Raa:

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