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Io Aa Rangi Ka Mokopuna Aa Atu

1. In the ancient teachings Whakapapa has a special place.

It is there that we find all understanding of the beginnings of our ancestral lines and their associations with our incarnations experiences over many life times – karama o take meatanga -.

This record of cumulative experience guides us in all that we do in our present life, and awaits our referral to it in assisting our understanding.

2. As Mokopuna of the source we begin our spiritual journey by accepting the guidance of Ngaa Atua in finding the pathway to our spiritual home.

The guidance is such that we are encouraged to walk a journey in which the ones of wisdom accompany us down through time, until we are ready to meet Ngaa Atua face to face.

Then our return to our spiritual home is assured and we are granted entry to the inner spiritual pathways where we are made welcome and guided in the harvesting of the fruits of Karama o Take Meatanga.

3. In this process we examine with minute attention the record of our spiritual progress, that we may build upon things of a positive value for the final step we must take to conclude our journey.

That final step is necessary for us all because it is then one of special experience, and knowledge comes to our side to help us bridge Te Ngaro between life and death.

4. The beginning of our spiritual journey is one of Awhi for all things.

The end of our spiritual journey is one of Awhi from Io and Ngaa Atua.

In that we find our true place of rest, and our creators acknowledgement of who we are.

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