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Io Aa Turangawaewae

1. Fore those who search for our ancestral identity and the knowledge of the self, our place in the sun is overshadowed by our refusal to acknowledge the guidance given by the Tupuna in the ancient teachings, and the role of duty and responsibilities we carry as leaders of the natural sharing process, which is present in all things Maaori.

2. Since the beginning a deep faith and trust of Ngaa Atua has been placed in Maaori to continue the nurturing process of sharing with all the ancient teachings freely gifted to them.

3. The master of all successful endeavors is patience.

Without it nothing of advantage can be achieved, nor will the doors to the ancient past open merely from sincere desire.

One must learn respect for the Tohunga and their judgment of the ability and understanding of Kaitono to advance in the company of those who have gone before them.

When the spiritual foundation is well placed in the inner heart center, -from which all sharing takes place-, one will have access to the inner spiritual worlds and the outer Tohunga is no longer needed.

Thus the inner spiritual nature of Kaumatua must be identified that Kaitono and Tohunga may be true companions and friends together.

4. When Io asked Maaori to share without restriction that which was freely gifted to all who desired understanding of the self; the Waananga was given to the Tohunga, understanding of the creative process to woman, protection of the sacred Kete of knowledge to man, and Aroha to the young.

5. “Upon the threshold of my being, rests the understanding of all that i am.

As the seed which is planted requires care in the nurturing process that it may bear a full abundance of fruit, so also must the young be nurtured that they may become one with me”.

6. When we grow in our understanding of patience there is nothing we cannot achieve and nothing those who have gone before us will not share openly with us.

In that is a lesson for all, because no matter how we strive for understanding, if patience does not accompany us on our journey, the doors to the sacred past of the self will not open.

7. “In all creation have i placed the knowledge and understanding of me.

One who sets out upon the journey of truth with patience as their companion, i guide them to the understanding of self, and ones Turangawaewae.

In this does one understand all things both of the inner and outer worlds, but above all does one understand the nature of me and the love which i share with all.”

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