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1. To chant the words of the Karakia is to become one with the ancestors, and to use their words in invoking Ngaa Atua, the spiritual powers, and in loosing ourselves from what is destructive, binding ourselves to what is life giving.

2. When we use Karakia we move into another world, the world of Wairua Oo Ngaa Atua; we move into their time and into their place, and we bring their Tapu, their Mana into operation in our world.

3. While the Karakia of the major ritual complexes have their main emphasis on binding us to the ancestors and the spiritual powers, the individual Karakia enable us to carry out every part of our daily lives in union with the ancestors and the spiritual powers.

4. The ancestors left nothing undone to make sure that the very many things of uncertain or doubtful outcome should turn out favourably.

There are special Karakia for the sky and its raging, there are other Karakia for the sea and it’s raging, there are other Karakia for the land and its raging.

5. There was nothing left undone by the ancestors; they used Karakia to make things grow, to establish peace, to make things go on their way, and to bring abundance and fertility.

6. The division of Ngaa Karakia shows the scope of the individual Karakia; there are Karakia for the weather, for sickness of all types, for daily work, fishing, hunting, gardening, for all other daily activities, and for curses and counter curses.

7. The success or failure of Karakia does not depend on knowing and using the correct words.

Karakia are not magikal spells depending on the exact recitation of the words.

The words can be changed and sometimes are.

8. The saying of the words of the ancestors correctly is very important, but the words themselves can be changed.

9. Te Mana Oo Ngaa Karakia comes from Ngaa Atua; the effectiveness of Te Karakia depends on the faith of the person using the chant, not just an automatic recital of the words.

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