Ko Ariki Atu

1. The Tohunga is to be respected for all that they share with us.

2. The sacred language of Io and Ngaa Atua is of a spiritual nature and bears no resemblance to the languages of a modern physical world.

To understand this we must return to the ancient past to have renewed for us a language which will guide our steps upon the inner spiritual pathways to Io and Ngaa Atua.

3. For Maaori this return is to the Tohunga of old, for it is in their guidance that progress in harvesting the sacred past can be made.

It is there that we relearn respect for the natural sharing process of all things Maaori and the guidance our Tupuna offer us.

4. The Tohunga is one who is privileged to carry the sacred knowledge of Io and Ngaa Atua.

In this one acknowledges the duty and responsibility of sharing with all whom ask it of oneself, the understanding of the inner spiritual pathways to our spiritual home.

5. As an instrument of Io, the Tohunga stands forth sharing all that which has been gifted to them.

One is a companion and friend for the understanding which we seek and they are an expression of the Awhi which Io has for all things.

6. When they speak, the spirit that is within us all responds and shares with us that which Ngaa Atua wish for us to know.

For it is the inner spirit which is the true Tohunga and not the physical person. If we understand that, we are never alone but sharing all that we are with Ngaa Atua.

7. “The nature of humanity is to seek outwardly for understanding, whereas in reality it is the spirit within which will reveal that which it wishes us to know.

Were humanity to follow that guidance, there is nothing they will not know or understand.

Placing your faith and trust in me i shall guide you to your spiritual home and the everlasting Aroha of me”.

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