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Maaramataka Adjustments


Q: How do you keep Maaramataka in sync with the visitor’s solar calendar?

A: You don’t!

Q: Why?

A: Because Maaramataka is already in perfect sync with the fish and plants!

The concepts of the visitors fixed calendar and the natural time calendar of Maaramataka are not compatible.

Trying to adjust and fit Maaramataka into the visitors calendar count takes that which is so simple and turns it into a complication!

It is a complication which turns your attention away from our simple ways of which you will run the risk of losing the more you strive to solve the complication!

Q: How then did we know where we were within the time count?

A: With regards to the visitors system of marking time, there was no need to know!

When the sun rose it was day!

When the sun was directly above it is mid-day!

When the sun set it was night!

Maaramataka tells us when to fish and plant!

The New Moon of Matariki tells us we are approximately mid-way through the winter season and soon the warmth of spring shall start to return!

The trees, plants and animals tell us which of the four seasons we are within!

These four things (the sun, the moon, the stars and nature) told us everything we needed to know to survive, simple!

Our system is simple based upon direct observations of Te Maarama me Te Raa me Ngaa Whetu. The fourth observation is that of nature and the animals.

When the nights are only 29 we still count the 30th night for the moon though it be dark has not gone anywhere. It is still there above unseen.

The southern new moon is the northern full moon.

That is all!

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