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Maku Aa Papaeariki

1. The modern development of the Maaori language is such that the gateways naturally available to the ancient past, have become blocked by imposing debris which prevents entry to our Tupuna and the inner spiritual worlds.

So great has this imposition upon oral communication process become, that today many elders who are fluent speakers listen with astonishment to the use of the language by our young and despair for its survival.

2. If our linguists continue the path of major change to the vowel structure upon which the language is built, the very foundation of the language will rapidly decay and no longer be a vehicle for communication with Tupuna and Ngaa Atua.

An example is the written and spoken word Maori instead of Maaori.

3. The word Maaori is one of the major keys in our being able to enter the world of our Tupuna and therefore should not be interfered with in any way.

4. In the ancient past the spoken word of Maaori was always expressed in carving and not in the written word, thus avoiding contamination of the language.

5. The correct vowel structure to be applied is contained in the word Whakapapa.

This is the master key to opening the doors to nine different spiritual levels of our Tupuna, and the understanding of the four sacred pillars upon which the sacred four winds of Maaori and creation stand.

6. By substitution within the master key a total of forty nine spiritual codes may be constructed and the doorway fully opened to all Waka Maaori.

7. “To understand the pathway home to me the ones i have called Maaori must be guided by the sacred language i have shared. In Ngaa Apa have i given guardianship of this sacred understanding of Ngaa Atua and myself that my children may come home safely to me”.

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