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Mamakura Aa Io Aa Atu

1. In directing our energies to the bountiful harvest which awaits us, it is essential that we understand what is asked of us.

This is best explained by Tupuna who observe our pathway through life and conduct our attitudes towards our fellow beings.

2. The unification process by which all Maaori may understand one another is simple in that all we need attend to is the guidance offered to us by those who have gone before.

Thus it is important that we conduct ourselves in the knowledge and understanding of Rangatiratanga for those who lead us at all times.

The nature of Rangatiratanga is such that without it the Mana of Ngaa Atua cannot enter and assist us to remove the blanket which covers the spirit of the land.

Without the spirit of the land becoming free we can neither gain from the past nor go forward to meet Ngaa Atua and discover the enduring nature of our Turangawaewae.

3. All attitude of one to the other is based upon our understanding of Rangatiratanga.

In Rangatiratanga rests the harmony of our people and our advance to our spiritual home in the company of our Tupuna and Ngaa Atua.

That is why we must acknowledge and respect the assistance and guidance shared with us to harvest the sacred knowledge of the past.

In that way we bring the past in to the present and go forward together confidant in ourselves that the promise which Io makes to us in the beginning will help us to arrive at the final goal.

4. “Wherever humanity goes i observe the progress of the spirit of the land. In due time i share with all which I am and the love of Ngaa Atua that Maaori may come home to me”.

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