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Essence fast bound
Life Germ
Genesis Code
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Ma = To Connect
U = Conformation Established
Ri = To Veil
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Mauri is the spiritual seat of whakapapa.

It acts as kaitiaki protecting the tapu and mana of the whakapapa of organisims and non living things.

Mauri warns us to be careful when we attempt to interfere with whakapapa, to be respectful, to know when we have done right or wrong.

It acts as a spiritual gatekeeper.

In this role it can be interpreted as a form of indigenous 'risk management' to be applied by those skilled in such things.

Mauri = life principle, life force, vital essence, the essential vitality of a being or entity.

Also used for a physical object, individual, ecosystem or social group in which this essence is located.

All things animate and inanimate have Mauri.
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Essence Fast Bound is Te Kore te Tamaua.

Te =Produce
Ko = Reference of Future Time
Re = Draw Attention
Te =Produce
Ta = Forming Possessive
Ma = To Connect
U = Conformation Established
A = Intent
Essence Un-Bound is Eightfold

Te Kore -
Te Kore Tuatahi +
Te Kore Tuarua -
Te Kore Nui +
Te Kore Roa -
Te Kore Para +
Te Kore Whiiwhia -
Te Kore Rawea +

Everything in existence has Mauri.

Te Kore te Tamaua is Mauri of all Existence.

That without parent resides in Te Kore te Tamaua and through the eightfold process of Te Poo me Te Ata space is created wherein springs the four life potentials.

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