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Moon Lore

Full Moon - All is in reflection / Equinox of youth / Illusion / Decline / Death / Waning / Ihu Werewere.

New Moon - All is without reflection / Equinox of Age / Truth / Rising / Birth / Waxing / Ihu Atamai.

The moon is a symbol of duality.

One aspect is always growing and the other is always declining.

It has two main Equinox forms which are Veiled (Full Moon) and Naked (New Moon).

Each cycle is governed by two twins. Ihu Atamai, the good twin and Ihu Werewere, the evil twin.

Back to back you have the waning or wicked twin lamenting the previous full moon and the waxing or good twin anticipating the next full moon cycle.

Upon the two equinoxes of the cycle Hina holds the station of the New Moon whilst Rona holds the station of the Full Moon.

In the beginning Hina held both stations until one night she heard Rona cursing the new moon so she reached down and lifted her up placing her within the full moon station whilst maintaining the new moon station for herself.

This lore is not to be confused with the lunar calendar for fishing and gardening which is a system for naming the nights of the moon and not an explanation for the moons cycles.

There are those whom say to mark the calendar start by the new moon is an error for the new moon is evil because of the name assigned to it by the lunar fishing calendar.

This statement is an error within our teachings for all life proceeds from the darkness of Te Kore te Tamaua and as such all counting of time must proceed from there.

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