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Ngaa Atua Iho

1. Wairua is the key of all empire, the secret of all power.

2. To know how to make use of this agent, is to be the trustee of the power of Io Nui; all real, effective magik, all occult force is there, and its demonstration is the sole end of all genuine books of science.

3. To have control of Wairua there are two operations necessary, to concentrate and project; or in other words, to fix and to move.

4. Fixity has been provided as the basis and guarantee of movement by the author of all things: ‘Tohunga must go to work in like manner.’

5. It is said that enthusiasm is contagious; and why? because it cannot be produced in the absence of rooted faith. ‘Faith produces faith; to believe is to have Te Take Mo Te Hiahia.’

6. What operates in the intellectual world, and moral world, obtains still more in the physical.

7. Solve et Coagula: to collect and diffuse are nature’s two words.
Concentration is by isolation, and distribution by Ngaa Atua Iho.

8. Isolation consists in absolute independence of thought, complete Angi of the heart and perfect continence of the senses.

9. Every person who is obsessed by prejudices and fears; every passionate person who is a slave of their passions, is incapable of concentration or coagulating Te Wairua or Te Wairua Ropi Oo Mana Wahine.

10. Te Take Oo Ngaa Atua Iho is the establishment of a magnetic current, which becomes stronger in proportion to the extant of Te Take Oo Ngaa Atua Iho.

11. All enthusiasm propagated in society by a scheme of intercourse and fixed practices in common, produces Te Atua Iho, and is maintained or increased by the current.

12. The action of the current is to transport and often to exalt beyond measure persons who are impressionable and weak, nervous organisations, temperaments inclined to hysteria or hallucination.

13. Such people soon become powerful vehicles of magikal force, and project efficiently the Wairua in the direction of the current itself; opposition at such a time to the manifestations of the force is, to some extent a struggle with fatality.

14. Te Ture Oo Ngaa Atua Iho is that of the movement of Wairua itself, which is always double and augments in a contrary direction: a great action invariably paves the way for a reaction of equal magnitude, and the secret of phenomenal successes consists entirely in the fore knowledge of reactions.

15. We have fixed the volatile and must now volatize the fixed; we have materialised spirit and must now spiritualise matter.

16. The most sublime utterance passes unheeded if it goes forth without the guarantee of a name.

17. Wairua being the common medium of all nervous organisms and the vehicle of all sensitive vibrations, establishes an actual physical solidarity between impressionable persons, and transmits from one to another the impressions of imagination and thought.

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