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Papatuuaanuku Ko Atu Aa Maaori

1. The understanding of the creation is elusive.

That this is so is merely the result of a dependence upon the intellectual processes of the mind, which is the great illusion.

It is only by tearing down this barrier to the understanding of who we are that we will understand the simplicity of our journey to the spiritual home.

2. To achieve that objective we merely inquire of ourselves who am i?

If our desire to understand is sincere and our efforts constantly directed to the answer to that inner question, we shall find all assistance rushes to us to advance our understanding of the journey we must undertake in that moment of truth when the curtain is lifted and we take the stage to share one with the other all that we are.

3. “To understand all that i am, it is only necessary to reach deep in to the inner Mauri which resides in all things.

There you will find me and that which is creation”.

4. For those who wish to gain this new ground of understanding without effort, there are no rewards, and we must return again and again to the physical universe to renew a determination to succeed in discovering the true nature of the self.

5. What then is the creation?

That we shall discover for ourselves, when with initiative and courage we take the first step in asking ourselves a very simple question; who am i?

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