Puuraakau Anianani Ka Lani

Anianani lived in the land called Ka ‘Aina Kai Melemele Aa Kaane – taane – and his four sons were born in the east coast of that land. One day the eldest son of Anianani decided to sail forth and discover new lands. Eventually he landed in Hawaii which he named after himself and the island of Maui after his eldest son.

Of the four sons of Anianani, Hawai’i Loa settled Hawai’i, Ki settled in Tahiti and became the progenitor of Ngati Puna; Kana Loa settled in Hiva, his people were Hanau Momoko. The first grandson of Hawai’i was Kunuiakea. He was born at Keauhou in Puna, Hawai’i.

His parents were Tunui Ai Aa Te Atua, the son of Ki and Oahu daughter of Hawai’i and Waialeale. His birth place was called Puna by Tunui after his own birth place Puna Ania, in Tahiti. After his grandson had reached boyhood Hawai’i Loa made a west ward journey following Mulehu – hokuloa – as his guiding star. They landed on the eastern shore of the land Lahui Mahali’ilo – asia -.

They travelled overland north then westwards to the land of Kuahewahewa Aa Kaane. Whilst there he visited the southern eastern shore of Kapakapapaua Aa Kaane and taught Kunuiakea navigation of Iao. When they eventually returned to Hawai’i they brought with them some Po’e Keokeokaane – white man – and married them to native women in Hawai’i.

They made their return using Iao as the guiding star. They sailed in the direction of the big stars which resemble a bird and the red star situated in the lap of the goat. Matariki and Koopu was their steering guide.

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