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Puuraakau Utu

Utu is the sun god of the Sumerians whom occupied a land north west of Irihia called Ur. His father was Uru te Ngangana (Nanana Lord of the Moon and time), and his mother is Ninga (Hine Turama), daughter of Taane te Wairoa and Hine Hauone.

It is said that Utu was borne from the tourch of the night and the lady of dreams. The twin sister of Utu is Inananga. She is both the morning and evening star otherwise known as Koopuu (Venus) whilst Utu is the sun.

Utu is the power in the light that reveals all that is to be seen and he is the foe of darkness and deeds of darkness. He is also associated with justice and equity, law and order and is the provider of clarity for oracles; also being Lord of the realms of science and astrology. The social role of Utu is therefore as guardian of justice, as judge of gods and men. In such position, he presides in the morning courts, where demons and other evil doers are sued by their human victims. At night Utu judges disputes among the dead of the underworld. He is the last appeal of the wronged, who can obtain no justice from their fellow men, and their cry of despair to him, (I – Utu), was feared as possessing supernatural power.

Each morning Utu raises from the ‘interior of heaven’ with rays out of his shoulders in the east and crosses the firmament and all heavenly luminaries before finally re-entering through the corresponding set of gates in the west. This means that Utu travels to the underworld every day, becoming one of its luminaries of the land of no return during night time. Thus Utu is one of the ever returning deities, who travel to the depths below entering its gates at sunset and returning to brighten up the heights above at dawn every single day. The west gates where Utu enters are said to be guarded by the scorpion people, being half human, and half scorpion. Utu travels the skies either on foot or in a chariot pulled by fiery mules. His domain is called the high country, the heavenly sphere where the stars can be found.

About 2000 bc the temple city of Ur (whose patron deity was Nanna, father of Utu) was once again attacked by a war like people and fell. A small band of temple priests and families managed to escape down the Euphrates following the ancient trade routes down the coast of India eventually entering into the Pacific Ocean bringing the Lore of Utu with them.

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