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Taunga No Te Mauri Aa Kaupeka Waru

1. Manaakitangata: social ethics of non violence, truth, restraint, non stealing, continence, non converting and Awhi Awhi Awhi.

2. Manaaki Tinana: personal ethics of purity, contentment, tolerance, study, devotion, Aroha and Awhi.

3. Tikanga aa Takotoranga Tinana: discipline of the body through posture to provide a sound base for taming the mind, physical exercise.

4. Tikanga a Manawa: discipline of the breath to refine the base developed though Takotoranga Tinana.

5. Hihiritanga Take: beginning mental concentration, holding to a single object for about 10 – 20 seconds: this is the start of Whakaaroaro in proper. Achievement to this level brings mental control over the sense gates so that one can withdraw from sense experience. This is useful because it allows one to further purify the mind and heart without the normal distractions of the mind and senses.

6. Hihiritanga Waenga: intermediate mental concentration, holding to a single object for 2 – 4 minutes.

7. Hihiritanga Waenga Kokiri: advanced mental concentration, holding to a single object for 30 – 40 minutes.

8. Hihiritanga Rangatira: absorption in the sublime, holding to a single object for six hours or more.

9. The final practice of Taunga no te Mauri Aa Kaupeka Waru is to connect Hihiritanga Rangatira with ordinary day to day consciousness so that a practitioner is in Hihiritanga Rangatira regardless of whether one is Whakaaroaro in total isolation or performing chores in the normal bustle of people, places and events.

10. In this way Tohunga Oo te Taunga no te Mauri Aa Kaupeka Waru has quite literally passed beyond life’s suffering but yet remains in the world.

11. A Tohunga of this stature experiences every moment as pleasant and peaceful regardless of what may be happening to ones body and mind.

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