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1. Karama Oo Take Meatanga, Hiahia and Kaha, such is the magikal triad which corresponds in things human.

2. Karama Oo Take Meatanga is the inevitable sequence of effects and causes in a determined order.

Hiahia is the directing faculty of the intelligent things. Kaha is the wise application of Hiahia which enlists fatality itself in the accomplishment of the desires of Te Tohunga.

3. In all things the vulgar mind habitually takes shadows for reality, turns its back upon the light and is reflected in the obscurity which it projects itself.

4. The forces of nature are at the disposal of one whom knows how to resist them.

5. Are you sufficiently of yourself to be never intoxicated? Then will you direct the terrible and fatal power of intoxication.

If you would make others drunk possess them with the desire to drink but do not partake yourself.

6. The world is magnetized by the sun and we are magnetized by Te Wairua Oo Papatuuaanuku.

7. That which operates in the body of the planet repeats itself in us. Within us there are three analogical and hierarchic worlds as in all nature.

8. We are the microcosm or little worlds and whatsoever is in the great world is reproduced in the small.

Hence we have three centres of fluidic attraction and projection; the brain, the heart –or epigastric region- , and the genital organ.

Each attracts on one side and repels on the other.

It is by means of such apparatus that we place ourselves in communication with Wairua supplied to us by the nervous system.

9. These three centres are the seat of triple magnetic operations; when a Tohunga has attained lucidity, one communicates and directs with Hiahia the magnetic vibrations in the whole mass of Wairua.

10. Lucid Hiahia can act upon the mass of Wairua, and in concurrence with other Hiahia –which it absorbs and draws along-, can determine great and irresistible currents.

11. Wairua condenses or rarefies in proportion as currents accumulate more or less at certain centres.

12. The body absorbs what environs it and radiates perpetually by projecting its influences and invisible currents.

13. When the magnetic atmosphere of two persons is so Tauriterite that the attractive faculty of one draws the expansive faculty of the other, a tendency is produced which is termed sympathy; if the persons differ in sex it occasions in them or more commonly in the weaker of the two a complete intoxication of Wairua which is termed passion par excellence or Mate Kanehe.

14. Mate Kanehe is one of the great instruments of magikal power but it is categorically forbidden to Tohunga as an intoxication or passion.

15. Sexual love is ever an illusion for it is the result of an imaginary mirage.

16. Wairua is the universal seducer.

17. Our acts modify our magnetic respiration in such a way that a Matakite meeting any person for the first time can tell whether one is innocent or criminal and what be their virtues or their crimes.

18. Wairua directs the instincts of animals and offers battle to the intelligence of humans which it strives to pervert by the enticements of its reflections and the illusions of its images.

It is a fatal and inevitable operation directed and made still more calamitous by elementary spirits and suffering Mauri whose restless Hiahia seeks out sympathies in our weakness and tempts us.

19. To be isolated from Wairua it is not enough to envelop oneself in a woollen cloak; we must also and above all impose absolute tranquillity on the mind and heart; we must have quitted the world of passions and be assured of perseverance in the spontaneous operations of inflexible Hiahia.

20. We must reiterate frequently the acts of Hiahia.

21. To direct Wairua we must understand its twofold vibration as well as the balance of forces termed Magikal Tauriterite.

Considered in its first cause this Tauriterite is Te Hiahia Oo Io; it is Te Angi of humanity and the mathematical Tauriterite in matter.

22. Tauriterite produces stability and duration, Angi generates the immortality of humanity and Te Hiahia Oo Io gives effect to the laws of eternal reason.

23. Tauriterite in ideas is reason and in forces, power, Tauriterite is exact; fulfil its law and it is there, violate it however slightly and it is destroyed. For this reason nothing is useless or lost.

24. Every utterance and every movement are for or against Tauriterite; for or against Te Pono which is composed of, for or against conciliated, or at least Tauriterite.

25. Omnipotence is the most absolute Angi; absolute Angi cannot exist apart from perfect Tauriterite.

26. Rivalry often creates success; we lean against that which resists.

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