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Te Aata Whakato

In 2008 i awoke one morning after a dream and began constructing a floor plan made of string based upon the Waerenga a Kakara floor plan.

With the aid of Joyce Whaitiri-Hingston rocks were then gathered from the Te Arai River and construction of Whakato Aata within Manutuke Gisborne New Zealand began.

It was built upon the Taniwha Land Block at approx:- 38°40'46.38"S and 177°54'35.56"E. 

Observations had shown how the setting sun would move between the north-west and south-west as though it was marching back and forwards upon the back of the Raukumara Ranges that line the western boundary of Gisborne City aligning this movement with the ancient teachings of Te Raa that summer and winter are personified as Hine Raumati and Hine Takurua.

They are the daughters of Tangaroa Akiukiu and both were taken to wife by Te Raa.

Although of course this teaching is specific to a northern pacific island, for us within Turanganui a Kiwa, the sun moves from left (summer, setting on the south west line) then to the right (winter, setting on the north west line) and the Equinox is in direct line with the Manutuke Marae.

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