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Te Ao Mahi Toru

1. Te Ao Mahi Toru are the three functions of Io in the role of Oi, the mother of the manifested universe.

2. These functions are known as:

a) Te Ao Mahi Ari,

b) Te Ao Mahi Whakakite,

c) Te Ao Mahi Whakaoho,

3. The function of Te Ao Mahi Ari is to veil Te Ao Mohio, of Te Ao Mahi Whakakite to reveal it, and of Te Ao Mahi Whakaoho –the active principle- to make either Te Ao Mahi Ari suppress Te Ao Mahi Whakakite, or, Te Ao Mahi Whakakite suppress Te Ao Mahi Ari.

4. Te Ao Mahi Toru work by mutual suppression.

5. Te Ao Mahi Toru are present in all particular existence as in the general cause.

6. Te Ao Mohio more and more appears as forms evolve and rise to mortal being.

7. Te Ao Mohio does not in itself change, but its mental and material envelopes do, thus releasing and giving Te Ao Mohio more play.

8. Te Ao Mohio pure is spirit, the release of it from the bonds of matter means that forms which issue from the power of spirit become more spiritual.

9. The aim of Huanui Ahea is therefore the cultivation of Te Ao Mahi Whakakite.

10. Nature is thus the veil of spirit as Te Ao Mahi Ari, the revealer of spirit as Te Ao Mahi Whakakite, and Te Ao Mahi Whakaoho which makes either work.

11. Thus the upward or revealing movement from the predominance of Te Ao Mahi Ari to that of Te Ao Mahi Whakakite represents the spiritual progress of the embodied spirit.

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