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Te Ao Mohio Aa Te Ao Mahi Whakakite

1. Te Ao Mohio is the unchanging consciousness and Te Ao Mahi Whakakite is its changing power appearing as mind and matter.

2. Mana Wahine is what the world is said to be.

3. Tohunga oo Mumu hold the doctrine of Te Ao Mahi Whakakite; that is Io in mother form -Oi- as the supreme power which creates, sustains and withdraws the universe through the function of Te Ao Mahi Toru.

4. Te Ao Mohio Aa Te Ao Mahi Whakakite is therefore consciousness and its power.

This then is the doctrine of dual aspects of the one acting through its trinity of powers: will, knowledge, action. In the static transcendent aspect, Te Ao Mohio the one, does not change, and in its kinetic immanent aspect, Te Ao Mahi Whakakite it does.

There is thus changeless change.

5. In creation an effect is produced without change in the producer.

6. In creation Te Ao Mahi Whakakite goes forth in a series of emanations or transformations, which are called, in Te Ao Mohio Aa Te Ao Mahi Whakakite Karaipiture,  Tikanga Aa Toru Tekau Ma Ono.

These mark the various stages through which Te Ao Mohio, the supreme consciousness, as Te Ao Mahi Whakakite, presents itself as object, to itself as subject; the latter at first experiencing the former as part of the self, and then through the operations of Te Ao Mahi Whakaoho, as different from the self.

This is the final stage in which every self is mutually exclusive of every other.

7. Mana Wahine which achieves this is one of the powers of the mother.

8. The will to become many is the creative impulse which not only creates but reproduces an eternal order.

9. Io Nui remembers the diversities latent in Te Ao Mohio of self due to the previous Karama oo Take Meatanga of spirits and allows them to unfold themselves by ones volition.

10. It is that power by which infinite formless consciousness veils itself and negates and limits itself in order that it may experience itself as form.

11. It is the desire for the life of form which produces Te Ao Maarama.

This desire exists in the collective Ao, held like all else, in an inchoate state in the mother power, which passing from its own formless state gives effect to them.

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