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Te Ao Whaa

1. Te Ao Whaanautanga:

Te Ao Whaanautanga (the crown) manifested Te Ao Hanga, Te Ao Whakaahua and Te Ao Mahi.

Collectively they are known as Te Ao Whaa.

Each Te Ao contains repetitions of Te Kore te Tamaua, but in a descending scale of brightness, and each Ao is a reflection of the proceeding Ao.

2. Te Ao Hanga:

Te Ao of creation, the throne.

It is the immediate emanation from Te Ao Whaanautanga where Te Kore te Tamaua is reflected therein, and is consequently more limited, though it is still of the purest nature, and without any admixture of matter.

3. Te Ao Whakaahua:

Te Ao of formation and Ngaa Atua, which proceeds from Te Ao Hanga, and though less refined on substance, is still without matter.

It is in Te Ao Whakaahua where those intelligent and incorporeal beings reside whom assume a form when they appear to Te Ira Tangata.

4. Te Ao Mahi:

Te Ao of action, called also the world of shells, which is this world of matter, made up the grosser elements of the other three Ao.

5. There are thirty two paths and fifty gates connecting Te Ao Whaa.

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