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Te Iwa Matakite

1. Becoming conscious of the coincidences in life.

A reconsideration of the inherent mystery that surrounds individual life.

2. The placement of current awareness gained from the first insight into a longer historical perspective: identify entire periods of history as a whole, and identify particular preoccupations that have developed during the latter half of these histories.

Humanities focus upon creating a secular security, an economic security to replace spiritual energy is known as the ‘Preoccupation’.

The question of why we are alive, of what was actually going on spiritually, is, slowly pushed aside and repressed altogether by this preoccupation.

Awareness of the coincidences represents an awakening from the preoccupation.

It is the observation of culture from within entire historic periods. New states of awareness are inevitable.

3. Learning to recognise Te Mana Wahine.

Becoming conscious of Te Hau, Te Mauri, Te Manawa, and Te Wairua.

4. Becoming aware of the struggle for Te Mana Wahine. Seeing the human world as a vast competition for energy, and thus for power.

Understand this struggle you immediately transcend this conflict.

Our energy will finally be able to be received from another source.

5. Identification of awareness of alternative sources of energy.

The creation of a permanent connection to alternative sources.

6. To know thy self through thine ways.

Becoming conscious of the microcosm.

7. Engaging the flow, identifying the current question and asking it correctly, the practice of patience and alertness.

Finding the silver lining in every event no matter how negative.

8. Becoming conscious of interpersonal ethics facing up to infantile dramas.

Personal and social relationships and responsibilities.

9. The emerging culture, Aeonic Progression, Palingenesia.

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