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Te Kauwae Raro

English Edition.

The Lore of the Whare-wānanga;
Teachings of the Maori College
On Religion, Cosmogony, and History.

Written down by H. T. Whatahoro from the
teachings of Te Matorohanga and Nepia
Pohuhu, priests of the Whare-wānanga of
the East Coast, New Zealand.

Translated by S. PERCY SMITH, F.R.G.S.
President of the Polynesian Society.

Part 2.—Te Kauwae-raro,

Or 'Things Terrestrial.'

New Plymouth, N.Z.
Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.

CHAPTER I - The Fatherland Irihia; migration from there to Tawhiti-roa - The Uruao canoe - Was Tama-rereti identical with Hawaii-loa? - Ancient Indian vessels.

CHAPTER 2 - The migration to Tawhiti-nui - Te Irapanga-nui sails across the North Pacific to Oahu - Migration to Tahiti.

CHAPTER 3 - Kupe and Muturangi at Rarotonga—Kupe and Ngake start for New Zealand—They explore the South Island—He returns to the North Island—The return to Rarotonga.

CHAPTER 4 - The Tangata-Whenua of New Zealand.

CHAPTER 5 - Whatonga visits Ra'i-atea Island—Toi-te-huatahi starts for New Zealand—Trouble commences with the local people—Te-Tini-o-Awa—Whatonga returns to Hawaiki from Ra'i-atea—Whatonga sails for New Zealand in the ‘Kura-haupō’ canoe—The coming of Turi from Ra'i-atea to New Zealand—Pedigree of Toi and Whatonga, etc.

CHAPTER 6 - Manaia's doings at Hawaiki—Manaia sails for New Zealand—Nuku-tama-roro returns to Hawaiki—The history of Tama-ahua—Tama-ahua goes in search of the Jadeite—Genealogical descent from Toi and Tama-ahua.

CHAPTER 7 - Kāhu goes to the Chatham Islands—Te Uru-o-Manono—The canoes of the migration from Hawaiki Kāhu-koka returns to Hawaiki.

CHAPTER 8 - Iwi-pupu and her Celestial lover—Te Whiti-a-Poutama—The Monster Moeahu.

CHAPTER 9 - The Coming of ‘Taki-Timu’ Canoe to New Zealand.

CHAPTER 10 - “Takitimu” calls in at Rarotonga—The arrival of “Takitimu” at New Zealand—“Takitimu” crosses to the South Island—Tamatea returns to the north.

CHAPTER 11 - The reason why details of the other canoes are not here given—Of Toi-te-huatahi—‘Tainui’ and ‘Te Arawa’ canoes—The Migration of Tara-pounamu—The Ngati-Awa tribe—Turanga-i-mua and Tane-roa—Ngati-Awa migrate to the West Coast—Ngati-Mamoe migrate to the South Island—The expedition of Turanga-i-mua to the North—The heavenly Whare-wānanga—The Whare-kura at O-akura—Tama-ahua and Raumati—The burning of ‘Te Arawa’ canoe—Tara, of Ngai-Tara and Timuaki.

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