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Te Kauwae Runga

English Edition

The Lore of the Whare-wānanga;
Teachings of the Maori College
On Religion, Cosmogony, and History.

Written down by H. T. Whatahoro from the teachings of Te Matorohanga and Nepia Pohuhu,priests of the Whare-wānanga of the East Coast, New Zealand.

Translated by S. PERCY SMITH, F.R.G.S.
President of the Polynesian Society.

Part I.—Te Kauwae-runga, (The Upper Jaw) Or 'Things Celestial.'
New Plymouth, N.Z.

Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction—The ancient houses of teaching—The Whare-wānanga, and its methods—The Pō, or ages, or æons of darkness—The months, etc.—The Whare-maire—The Whare-porukuruku. 

CHAPTER 2 - The Sage's warning and admonition to this and succeeding generations—The Philosophy of the Whare-wānanga; the nature of Matter, &c., of the Pou-tiri-ao, or Guardian Spirits—Io-matua, the Supreme God—The Temple named Hawaiki.

CHAPTER 3 - The names of the Heavens—The marriage of Heaven and Earth—Creation of the Gods—The Ages of Darkness, or Chaos—The separation of Heaven and Earth—The Apas, or Messengers of the Gods—The Gods separate their Dwelling-places—The sanctification of Tāne—The first temple built on Earth—Tāne ascends to the Uppermost Heaven—Tāne's new names—Tāne and Io—The three baskets and two stones—Tāne returns to Earth—The Guardian Spirits are appointed—The Wars of the Gods—The overturning of Mother-Earth—The Order of Creation—Creation of the 'spark of life' in Man.

CHAPTER 4 - Creation of the Germ of Life in Man—The Pedigree of Man—Hine-nui-te-Pō, goddess of Hades—Whakaru-au-moko, god of voloanic phenomena—Whiro, god of evil—Some Functions of the other Gods.

CHAPTER 5 - The Pō, or ages of darkness—Astronomical Notes—The Months and Days—More Astronomical Notes.

CHAPTER 6 - Introduction—Māui's visit to Hades—Māui and the great fire—Māui, the fisher-up of lands—The overturning by Mataaho—Mataora's visit to Hades—The origin of tattooing.

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