Te Kore

The Study of Te Kore te Tamaua in Tikanga Whakaako Whawhai Ahua Ngakau

Before training there is no thought or intention, no figure or image, no self or others, only Hau exists in the bound of Te Tamaua of the body.

This state is called Te Kore te Tamaua.

Te Kore te Tamaua holds the Mauri from which Te Ahi stimulates Te Ora through Te Hau.

The beginning point is Te Kore te Tamaua:

The posture is facing to the proper direction, hanging down both hands, and keeping a 90 degree angle between the two feet. This means going along with the natural principle.

Without the principle of inverse motion people always adhere to the principle of the direct motion nature.

The principle of inverse motion means that the post heaven returns to the pre-heaven when the internal energy and external nature are cultivated.

When humans involve themselves in material attractions, the ballance of Te Poo me Te Raa becomes disharmonious and the body constitution becomes weak, this is direct motion nature.

They do not know the principle of health that Te Raa extreme leads to Te Poo and Te Poo extreme leads to death.

Tohunga can be versed in the way of inverse motion, can control the relation between Te Poo me Te Raa, manage the principle of creation, direct Whakapono, grasp the key points and go back to the pre-natal from the post natal realm to settle at the original position whence the body becomes an integral unit; This means that practitioners whose skills become perfectly proficient can master Te Poo me Te Raa and are able to correct the physiological functions of the internal organs in order to guide the harmonious Hau and return to pre-heaven, or the initial origin.

Its way is nothing more than the principle of stretching and contracting.

This is called the generation of Te Hau from Te Kore te Tamaua.

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