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The Science of Io

We say the ‘Science of Io” and yet Io is infinitely unknowable.

The true nature of Io escapes our investigations.

Io is the absolute principle of being and of beings and this must not be confused with the effects Io produces; and it can be said, affirming the existence of Io all the while, that Io is neither being nor a being.

Such a definition confounds reason, without however causing us to go astray, and keeps us for ever safe from all idolatry.

Io is the only absolute postulatum of all science, the entirely necessary hypothesis which serves as a basis for any certainty; and here is how the ancient masters established above science itself, this assured hypothesis of faith: Being is, In being is life, Life is made manifest by movement.

Movement is perpetuated by the balancing of opposites.

There are, in nature, an immutable law and an indefinable progress.

A perpetual changing of forms and the indestructibility of substance, this is what one finds upon observing the physical world.

Metaphysics presents us with analogous laws and facts either in an intellectual or a moral order; on one side, unchanging truth, on the other, fantasy and imagination.

On one side there is goodness which is truth, on the other, evil, which is false, and from these apparent conflicts arise both judgment and virtue.

Virtue is composed of goodness and justice.

Its goodness makes it indulgent.

Its justice makes it harsh.

Good because it is just and just because it is good; it is always beautiful.

The great harmony of the physical and moral worlds, incapable of having a cause superior to itself, reveals and demonstrates to us the existence of an unchanging wisdom and of an infinitely active creative intelligence.

Upon this wisdom and this intelligence, each inseparable from the other, reposes the supreme power which Maaori have called Te Kore te Tamaua.

Te Kore te Tamaua and not the king, for the idea of a king would imply an idol.

For Maaori the supreme power is the crown of the universe and the entirety of creation is the kingdom, or if you prefer, the domain of this crown.

No one can give what they have not, thus we can assume that what we see manifested in effects is also present in the cause.

Te Kore te Tamaua then, is the crown which sits upon the supreme being of immutable wisdom and creative intelligence.

In Io are for ever victorious movement and the great eternal rest.

The desire of Io is a continual giving of life and the kingdom of Io is the immensity which populates the universe.

Enough! we are now acquainted with Io!

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