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Timata Tangata

1. Timata Tangata is one who possesses Te Ahi, Te Kaitaka, and Te Taiaha Mura.

2. Te Ahi is Te Take illuminated by science; Te Kaitaka is full and complete self possession which isolates Te Tohunga from blind tendencies; Te Taiaha Mura is the help of the secret and everlasting forces of nature.

3. Te Ahi burns with a triple flame, Te Kaitaka is thrice folded, Te Taiaha Mura is divided into three parts.

4. Te Take has been given to all, but all do not know how to make use of it, it is a science to be acquired; Angi is offered to all, but not all are Angi, it is a right to be earned; force is for all, but all do not know how to rest upon it, it is a power that must be won.

5. We attain nothing without more than one effort.

The destiny of Ngaa Tangata is to be considered to be enriched by its own earning and afterwards to have, Like Io Nui, the glory and pleasure of dispensing it.

6. The acts of Ngaa Tangata are not written in Te Wairua alone, their traces are left upon the face, they modify the mien and carriage, and they change the tone of the voice.

Thus every one bears about them the history of their life which is legible for Timata Tangata.

7. Now the future is ever the consequence of the past and unexpected circumstances do not alter results reasonably calculated.

The destiny of a person can be therefore foretold them.

An entire existence may be judged by a single movement; a single oddity or weakness may be the presage of a long chain of misfortunes.

8. Timata Tanga is a preservative against the false light of mysticism; it equips Te Take Oo Ngaa Tangata with its relative value and proportional infallibility connecting it with Te Take supreme by the chain of analogies.

9. Timata Tangata knows no doubtful hopes, no absurd fears, because they have no irrational beliefs; they are acquainted with the extent of their power and can be bold without danger; for them therefore to dare is to be able.

10. Here then is a new interpretation of their attributes; Te Ahi represents learning; Te Kaitaka which enwraps them their discretion; Te Taiaha Mura is the emblem of their strength and boldness.

11. They know, they dare and are silent.

They know the secrets of the future, dares in the present, and are silent on the past.

They know the failings of the human heart, and dares make use of them to achieve their work, and are silent as to ones purpose.

They know the significance of all the symbolisms and all religions; they dare to practice or abstain from them without hypocrisy and without impiety, and are silent upon the one true dogma of supreme initiation.

They know the existence and nature of Te Wairua; they dare perform the acts and give utterance to the word which make it subject to human will, and are silent upon the mysteries of the great Arcanum.

12. So may you find them often melancholy, never dejected or despairing; often poor, never abject or miserable; persecuted often, never disheartened or conquered.

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