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Tino Nui Whakataki

1. If one would know the invisible have an open eye for the visible.

2. All that is on earth is also found above; and there is not anything so insignificant in the world that it does not depend on another above, in such a manner, that if the lower moves itself, the higher corresponding to it moves towards it.

3. As to the number therefore of the different species of creatures enumerated below, the same number is to be found in the upper roots.

4. The earth is the true bible which can lead us back to Io Nui.

5. The union of humanity with Io Nui is nothing but the reunion of two bodies which have been separated but are always one.

6. The connecting link is the power of the will; which is neither good nor evil, but a power or energy which can be altered through good or evil.

7. It is as it were, the beam of light of a magik lantern, the slides it penetrates being the Whakariterite Oo Wairua Iho of beings.

As long as the slides exist there can be no perfect vision of Io Nui, and consequently no perfect union.

8. When the hand is open it symbolises the microcosm; the four fingers the material elements, and the thumb the spiritual element.

When closed it symbolises unity, the egg out of which all things emanate.

9. Humanity is a mystery shrouded in a mystery which we call the universe, and this mystery leads us to yet deeper mystery, which we call Io Nui and Te Kore.

All is a three fold wonder, a relationship between god, humanity and the universe.

10. Think rightly, act rightly, live rightly, and deliverance will be revealed to you; T.A.L.A.

11. Ki Mua Ki Muri.

12. Mystic power is diabolical or divine according to circumstances.

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