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Tu Makararuku Aa Io Ma Tupuna

1. The macrocosm universe is our starting point because if we understand the nature of planetary motions and the energies which surround them and their interplay one with the other, we find a natural progression in our understanding of the microcosm universe.

2. “Upon the face of humanity have i placed the Moko of myself and Ngaa Atua, and upon the stars the Moko of the spiritual pathway home.

When one looks upon that which is creation, shall i observe and guide them home to me”.

3. When we understand the Moko we understand our roots in our ancestral line, and we also understand the nature of our journey home.

4. In Maaori does the sacred knowledge of the stars rest, in Tupuna the guidance to seek the nature of our heritage and the understanding of our place in the sun, in Io the wonderment of creation and in our children the Aroha of Io for all things.

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