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Wa = Definite space
I = Unchangeable
Ru = Shake/ Vibrate
A = Intent
... ... ...

Wairua = spirit of a person which exists beyond death.

It is the non-physical spirit, distinct from the body and the mauri.

The wairua begins its existence when the mauri of the female egg accepts the mauri of a male spermatozoon during mating and then together they create the mauri tangata from which a feotus is created. 

Wairua is imortal.

While alive a person's wairua can be affected by maakutu through karakia.

Tohunga can damage wairua and also protect the wairua against harm.

All animate and inanimate things have wairua.

Atua Maaori, can instill wairua into something.

Tohunga, the agents of ngaa atua, are able to activate or instil a wairua into something, through karakia.

During life, the wairua may leave the body for brief periods during dreams or sickness.

The wairua has the power to warn the individual of impending events positive and negative through visions and dreams.

On death the wairua becomes tapu.

It is believed to remain with or near the body and speeches are addressed to the person and the wairua of that person encouraging it on its way towards its next destination.

Eventually (usualy after an unveiling) the wairua departs the earthly realm to join other wairua in Hawaiki, Rangituhaha, or Rarohenga. 

Wairua of the dead that linger on earth are called keehua.

During kawe mate, or hari mate, hura koohatu and other important occasions the wairua is summoned to return to the marae.

Karakia Aa Wairua

1: Airua, Iruawa, Uawai, Aaiu.

2: Auria, Awauri, Iawau, Uiaa. 

3: Airua, Iruawa, Uawai Aaiu. 

4: Uiaa, Iawau, Awauri, Auia!

The Five Power Words of Wairua

AAIU = 10 = 1

UAWAI = 15 = 6 

IRUAWA = 17 = 8

AIRUA = 12 = 3

AUIA = 10 = 5

1 + 6 + 8 + 3 + 5 = 23 = 5

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