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Wairua Whakamahu Ao Tinana

Te Kawa a Wairua Whakamahu Ao Tinana is an artistic science within which to develop and control the imagination so as to cause changes in the outer world.

This dogma has been made possible by the magikal process in which consciousness causes changes to the outer world.

Adepts of Te Kawa Wairua Whakamahu Ao Tinana are charged to transform themselves sufficiently through the reassembly and redirection of their energies so as to be able to experience other worlds.

This interaction with other worlds causes a shift in perception of the normal world view and thus enables the adept to perceive a more accurate picture of the shared or outer world.

The Law of Wairua Whakamahu Ao Tinana states that all existence regardless of form – or lack of form – has consciousness and a complete understanding of this doctrine is the key to a profound relationship between the human psyche and the universe.

Te Kawa Wairua Whakamahu Ao Tinana seeks to relate to the consciousness in all animate and inanimate existence because such interactions between the entities and adept creates a path or holism within a greater consciousness shared by both.

This greater consciousness is perceived as the power of being and non being which is the enabling power of all magik.

To obtain this power of being and non being the adept must utilize Tikanga Oo Mana Toa which is but a science of intuition and imagination combined with well established dogma and practical ritual.

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