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Whakahaeriki Ma Maaori

1. “The true nature of my being i give to you, that the journey across the spiritual universe i have asked of you shall find its reward in the sharing of all that i am with all things.

In you is placed my faith and trust that the Moko of Whakahaeriki will live for all and guide them home to me”.

2. In Whakapapa lies the record of the wisdom of Io and Ngaa Atua.

3. When the light of Io shines upon you, the Moko of Whakahaeriki shall stand before you revealing its divine splendor to all.

In that moment of truth shall the key be given to you and the nature of Whakapapa revealed.

Upon this foundation shall you gain understanding of self and then go forth to share all that you are.

4. As to the sacred nature of Whakapapa, we must hold this within our hearts that in our children its message will endure for all time.

5. The master sacred code of Io and Ngaa Atua is Whakapapa.

Its structure is such that to understand its form and the messages of guidance it shares with us, we must examine the very foundation of this sacred code.

6. “When the door of understanding Whakapapa is opened, my servants shall attend you that the light of me may shine upon all humanity.

In Maaori have i placed this sacred vessel of Maana that it might be shared with all.

Thus i observe and wait upon the actions of those who lead that my people may come home to me”.

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