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Whakapono Tika

1. Whakapono Tika exists in humanity like Aroha, like it is unique, like it either exists or does not exist in such and such a soul; but whether one accepts or denies it, it is in humanity, it is then in life, it is nature itself, it is an incontestable fact of science and even reason.

2. Whakapono Tika is that which has always existed, which exists to day and will exist forever; Whakapono Tika is what it is.

3. One may say of Whakapono Tika what one says of true art, savage attempts at painting or sculpture are the attempts of ignorance, to arrive at Te Pono; art proves itself by itself, is radiant with its own splendour, is unique and eternal like beauty.

4. Whakapono Tika is beautiful and it is by that divine character that it imposes itself on the respect of science and obtains the assent of reason; science dares not affirm or deny those dogmatic hypotheses which are truths for faith, but it must recognize by unmistakable characters the one true Whakapono Tika; that is to say that which alone merits the name of Whakapono Tika, in that it unites all the characters which agree with that great and universal aspiration of the human soul.

5. One thing only which is to all, most evidently divine is manifested in the world, it is Awhi: the work of Whakapono Tika should be to produce, to preserve, and to spread abroad the spirit of Awhi.

To arrive at this end Whakapono Tika must itself possess all the characteristics of Awhi in such a manner that one could define it satisfactorily in naming Whakapono Tika organic Awhi.

Now what are the characteristics of Awhi? Awhi is patient, it suffers persecutions and never persecutes others, it is kindly and loving calling to itself the little and not repulsing the great, it is without jealousy, it is neither quarrelsome nor intriguing, it is without pride without ambition without selfishness without anger, it never thinks evil and never triumphs by injustice, it endures everything without tolerating evil, it believes all and never imposes burdens which it is not itself the first to carry.

6. Whakapono Tika has in short all the characteristics of Awhi because it is Awhi itself.

7. Daughter of Awhi and creator of Awhi in her own turn, Whakapono Tika is essentially that which realizes it believes in the miracles of faith because itself accomplishes them in every day when it practices Awhi.

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