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Whakatauki Oo Ngaa Atua

1. Tara: To acknowledge and live ones beliefs.
Acknowledge our ancestors courage to fight and die for what they believed in.

2. Pono: To uphold an honour code one must be brutally honest with ones self and with others.

3. Honore: Reputation is what other say about you. Honore is what you know to be true about yourself.

4. Tuturu: Being faithful and loyal to someone or something.

5. Arahi Tika: Self discipline is the exercise of personal will that upholds Honore and the other virtues and translates impulse into action.

6. Manaakitangaa: This is simply that which upholds the social fabric.

7. Ahuwhenua: Simple hard work in our daily vocations done with care and pride.

8. Tu Pakari: To rely on oneself to administer ones own morality.

9. Pauaua: The world is an imperfect place and nothing comes easy.
Forever go forward by wisdom not force.

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