Ages of Chaos

The nature of the existence of the gods was such as has been explained.

The names of the Poo, during which they dwelt are as follows:

1. Te Poo Kauru
2. Te Poo Kakarauri
3. Te Poo Uriuri
4. Te Poo Kerekere
5. Te Poo Tiwhatiwha
6. Te Poo Tamaku
7. Te Poo Aoaonui

It was after this manner that they dwelt in Te Poo, within the space included in the embrace of their parents.

It was very long that condition of affairs existed; until at last a faint glimmering of light, a scintillation like the light of a star was seen.

And now commenced a desire on the part of the children to go forth from between their parents to follow the faint appearance of light.

Some of them consented, some did not; and thus it became a matter of strife between them.

Taane i te Pukenga, Tupai and others said, “let us seek a means by which we may go forth.”

The matter was then assented to.

Now Uru te Ngangana, the eldest of the family had been persuaded by the arguments of Whiro te Tipua against going forth, and hence they remained until the last.

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