1. Kaitono: 0º = 0▫. - Is expected to undertake a path of learning according to their will.

They must also find Timata Toru to bring one unto the gates of the A▲A▼.

2. Tauira Timata: 1º = 12▫. - Can answer preliminary questions.

Is introduced to the Waananga oo Ngaa Atua Marire.

3. Tauira Timata Rua: 2º = 11▫. - Has entered into observation and focus of the mind.

4. Tauira Timata Toru: 3º = 10▫. - Is expected to show mastery of observation and focus of the mind.

5. Tauira Timata Tanga: 4º = 9▫. - Is expected to attain to the knowledge and conversation of ones Pou Tiri Ao.

6. Timatatanga Toa: 5º = 6▫. - Is admitted to the practice of the Whare Maire.

7. Takawaenga Rangatira: 6º = 7▫. - Obtains a general mastery of Magika Problematika Sanctum Regnum Kaupapa me Tikanga though without comprehension.

8. Whakahaere Rangatira: 7º = 6▫. - Completes in perfection all these matters; then they either;

a) Join Te Pou Iho Mauii.

b) Is stripped of all their attainments and of the self as well, even of ones Pou Tiri Ao, and becomes as a babe of the abyss whom having transcended the reason does nothing but grow in the womb of its mother.

It then finds itself Kaiwhakahaere oo Te Temepara.

9. Kaiwhakahaere o Te Temepara: 8º = 5▫. - Their principle is to tend to ones Whanau garden and to hold a perfect understanding of Te Ao Maarama.

They are also a Master of union with Io me Oi.

10. Tohunga Rahirahinga oo Te Temepara: 9º = 4▫. - Attains to wisdom, declares ones lore and laws, and is master of all Magik in its greatest and highest sense.

11. Tohunga oo Mumu: 10º = 3▫. - Is beyond all this and beyond all comprehension of all lower grades. Is expected to Awhi and initiate Kaiwhakahaere o Te Temepara.

12. Tohunga oo Te Ao Maarama: 11º = 2▫. - Leaves the world of human affairs to build the mystical Whare o Te Whenua.

13. Te Atua Marire: 12º = 1▫. - Has become Whakariterite o Wairua Iho Aa te Mana Whenua me te Mana Tangata.

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