1. Kaitono: 0º = 0▫. - Is expected to undertake a path of learning according to their will. They must also find Timata Toru to bring one unto the gates of the A▲A▼.

2. Tauira Timata: 1º = 12▫. - Can answer preliminary questions. Is introduced to the Whare Waananga oo Ngaa Atua Marire.

3. Tauira Timata Rua: 2º = 11▫. - Has entered into observation and focus of the mind.

4. Tauira Timata Toru: 3º = 10▫. - Is expected to show mastery of observation and focus of the mind.

5. Tauira Timata Tanga: 4º = 9▫. - Is expected to attain to the knowledge and conversation of ones Pou Tiri Ao.

6. Timatatanga Toa: 5º = 6▫. - Is admitted to the practice of the Whare Maire.

7. Takawaenga Rangatira: 6º = 7▫. - Obtains a general mastery of Magika Problematika Sanctum Regnum Kaupapa me Tikanga though without comprehension.

8. Whakahaere Rangatira: 7º = 6▫. - Completes in perfection all these matters; then they either;

a) Join Te Pou Iho Mauii.

b) Is stripped of all their attainments and of the self as well, even of ones Pou Tiri Ao, and becomes as a babe of the abyss whom having transcended the reason does nothing but grow in the womb of its mother.

It then finds itself Kaiwhakahaere oo Te Temepara.

9. Kaiwhakahaere oo Te Temepara: 8º = 5▫. - Their principle is to tend to ones Whanau garden and to hold a perfect understanding of Te Ao Maarama. They are also a Master of union with Io me Oi.

10. Tohunga Rahirahinga oo Te Temepara: 9º = 4▫. - Attains to wisdom, declares ones lore and laws, and is master of all Magik in its greatest and highest sense.

11. Tohunga oo Mumu: 10º = 3▫. - Is beyond all this and beyond all comprehension of all lower grades. Is expected to Awhi and initiate Kaiwhakahaere oo Te Temepara.

12. Tohunga oo Te Ao Maarama: 11º = 2▫. - Leaves the world of human affairs to build the mystical Whare oo Te Whenua.

13. Te Atua Marire: 12º = 1▫. - Has become Whakariterite oo Wairua Iho Aa te Mana Whenua me te Mana Tangata.

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