Creation of the Gods

As has been said Rangi Potiki and Papatuuaanuku, eventually created their offspring; the eyes were made first and then the house to hold them.

After the head, the bust and body and the bones of the legs, according to their growth.

Because Rangi Potiki overlaid and completely covered Papatuuaanuku, the growth of all things could not mature, nor could anything bear fruit or increase; they were in an unstable condition, floating about Te Ao Pouri, and this was their appearance: some were crawling, some were upright with their arms held up, some were lying with the knees partly drawn up, some lying stretched out at full length, some on their backs, some were stooping, some with their heads bent down, some with their legs drawn up, some embracing, some kicking out with legs and arms, some kneeling, some standing, some inhaling deep breaths, some with exhausted breath, some walking, some feeling about in the dark, some arising, some gazing, some sitting still, and in many other attitudes, they were all within the embrace of Rangi Potiki and Papatuuaanuku.

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