Hau Ora

Hau Ahi is the activating spark.

Mauri is the spiritual seat.

Manawa is the breathing.

Wairua is the universal agent.

All things have Hau Ahi else they would be Te Kore.

All things have Mauri as long as they have Manawa.

All things have Manawa as long as they have Hau Ahi.

All things have Wairua.

These four things combined; Hau Ahi, Mauri, Manawa, and Wairua are collectively referred to as Hau Ora; which in combination with subtle etheric fluids forms Tinana Aa Wairua Oo Te Tinana Aa Ao Maarama.

That which has both Tinana Aa Ao Maarama and Tinana Aa Wairua has life.

When an atom is transfused with vitality it draws to itself six other atoms and thus forms a Wairua element.

The sum of their vitality is then divided amongst each ot the atoms and in this state the Wairua element enters the physical body first by means by means of Whakariterite Oo Wairua Iho then filtered through Te Mana Whaarite Whitu Oo Te Tinana.

Here the Wairua element is divided into its component parts and these are conveyed to the various parts of the physical body.

It is on Hau Ahi that the physical body depends, not only for life but for its well-being in life.

A being sufficiently supplied with Hau Ahi enjoys good health and one whom is insufficiently supplied is afflicted with poor health.

In the case of the healthy person, when more Hau Ahi is drawn in than is necessary for the vital purposes, then the superfluous vitality acts beneficially upon ones neighbours whether human or animal, while it can also be directed in certain definite channels to the healing of disease and so forth.

With unhealthy persons the case is of course reversed and they devitalise those healthier persons with whom they come into contact.

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