Hine Nui te Poo Goddess of Rarohenga

Hinetitama was the daughter of Taane Matua and Hine Hauone, and Taane Matua took her, his daughter unto himself as a wife.

After a certain time had passed and Hinetitama had had her offspring, she asked of Taane te Tahurangi, “o sir! who is my father?”

Taane te Tahurangi replied, “ask that question of the pillars of the house! –of hui te ananui-.”

Hinetitama well knew that the house had been built by Taane te Tahurangi and Tangaroamatua, and she now understood that Taane te Tahurangi was her father as well as her husband.

At this she felt a great pain and intense horror.

When dawn was near she uttered a spell –tupe- over her children that they might sleep heavily and another over Taane te Tahurangi so that he might have no strength to follow her, and then she fled.

Hinetitama fled over the plain of Whitinaunau towards the direction of Pou Tererangi –guard house to hades-.

When she reached the door she found there Te Kauwatawata –guardian to the entrance-, who asked her, “where art thou going?” she replied, “let me pass on to the descent”.

Te Kauwatawata answered, “Thou art leaving behind thee the world of light and life!” Hinetitama then said, “Let me proceed to the descent to Muriwaihou in order that i may ever catch the living spirit of my children now in the everlasting light.”

So Te Kauwatawata allowed Hinetitama to pass on to Hades, and as she did so she turned round and beheld her husband, Taane te Torohaka approaching shedding tears as he came along.

Hinetitama called out to him, “Taane te Torohaka eeei! Return to our family, for i have cut off the Aho o Te Ao –cord of the world- to you and your descendants, whilst the cord of Rarohenga remains with me forever.”

And then by enchantment Hinetitama caused the adams apple to grow in the throat of Taane Maiki Roa, and she said, “let that remain as a distinction between me and thee.”

Then Hinetitama turned away into Pou Tererangi and descended into Rarohenga. Hinetitama was her name in the world of light, but changed to Hine Nui te Poo.

Afterwards she descended to Rarohenga; to the dwelling place of her relative, Whakaruaumoko.

And now from this time onwards the flow of the current of death of mankind to the everlasting night, became permanent.

The words used by Hinetitama to Taane Maiki Roa, “the cord of the world remains with you, the cord of Rarohenga with me;” its meaning is, the life of everything in the world is Taane te Waiora, but the death of all things in the world remain with her.

That is all about that.

The other words of Hinetitama to Taane Maiki Roa, “Return to our family and retain the living spirit of our children in the world, until emaciation and failure of health bring them to me, i will catch the living spirit;” which means the sprit, soul, of mankind will be withheld from extinction by her and live again; and hence it is we see the spirits of mankind passing along, talking and declaring the signs of death to the world.

The adams apple which Hinetitama knotted in the throat of Taane te Torohaka, was on account of his sin to her; it has descended to all his male offspring alone.

Her side, the woman has not got it, and that is the reason there is no adams apple in woman, only men.

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