Huanui Ahea

1. Huanui Ahea are indispensable topics for reflection, contemplation, and the meditations and activities that should naturally follow on from them.

Huanui Ahea embodies the necessary prerequisites for Karaipiture.

It is set out as a progressive set of steps.

2. The preciousness of human life: the importance of using life for something valuable.

3. Relying on a spiritual guide: learning from someone else already on Te Ara.

4. Death and impermanence: uncertainty of death and the unsatisfactory nature of this world.

5. The danger of being reborn in a lower realm.

6. Taking refuge from Whakaahu Apo: the cycle of endless grasping and eventual disappointment.

7. Karama Oo Take Meatanga: the law of cause and effect which works in this world as well as at esoteric levels.

8. Developing renunciation for Whakaahu Apo: integrating spiritual understanding and values.

9. Developing equanimity: accepting and seeing past both good and bad experience.

10. Recognizing that all beings are as precious as our mothers.

11. Remembering the kindness of others.

12. Equalizing self and others: realizing that we all want, and deserve to be happy.

13. The disadvantage of self cherishing.

14. The advantage of cherishing others: loosening the hold of ego through Awhi.

15. Exchanging self with others: this is a core practice for developing Tohunga Oo Mumu; it involves developing the will to voluntarily take on others problems and freely give them one's own happiness in exchange.

16. Developing Awhi Awhi Awhi.

17. Taking responsibility to relieve others burdens: exchanging self with others in action.

18. Sharing ones good fortune with others.

19. Taunga no te Mauri Aa Kaupeka Waru: developing advanced stages of concentration.

20. Tohunga Oo Mumu: developing emptiness; that is, non-identification with the personal ego.

21. Te Atua Marire: the desire to attain full enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

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