Io Aa Turuki Ko Rangi Ma Takaraku

Na Philip. B. Billing

1. The guidance of the Moko which is cut upon our face at birth is fundamental to our achievements in this earthly life, and to the understanding of who we are.

When we learn to speak it, we are able to reach in to the ancient past at will, denying ourselves nothing of the sharing process which is freely available to us.

2. “In Moko -which i share with all- am i known, and in Ngaa Atua -whom i have appointed as the guardians of my trust-, the sacred knowledge of the twelve heavens."

"As the four sacred winds of my being carry you homewards, let your faith rest in me that i may know of your heart's desire."

"When you have reached the mountain top, there shall you survey all that i am and be one with Ngaa Atua”.

3. To achieve such a goal we must give our attention to opening the gateways to the inner spiritual pathways of which the Moko on our faces speak.

In that task we must address the guardians of the twelve sacred signs which comprise its foundation, and accept the guidance which these ones share with us.

4. “The difference between failure and success, is your faith and trust in me that i shall show you the pathway to Ngaa Atua and your spiritual home."

5. Upon the stars is our heritage and foundation of who we are.

Upon the face of humanity is the Moko of Ngaa Atua, and in our faith and trust in Io is the spiritual pathway home.

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