Kama Tu Atu Aa Maaori

Na Philip. B. Billing

1. In the genealogy of Ngaa Atua, reference is made to Matuku a Io Ka Atu, the knowledge of Ngaa Atua.

It is this record which we are to access to open the doors wide to that which Ngaa Atua wish to share.

2. The journey of the sacred Waka of Ngaa Atua, in accordance with the instructions of Io, claims a special place in our desire to understand who we are.

To be cognizant of such a journey and to participate in all that it teaches us, is a rare opportunity to renew for all the understanding they once had as children of the spiritual universe which surrounds our daily lives.

3. “Though the knowledge of Ngaa Atua is sacred to Io and is protected from intrusion and harm, one who challenges Ngaa Atua for understanding shall be rewarded and ones understanding of the spiritual home shall be renewed."

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