Karakia Maakutu

1. Ngaa Atua Oo Karakia Maakutu are portions of the human brain.

2. The names of Ngaa Atua are vibrations calculated to establish:

a) General control over the brain; (establishment of functions relative to the subtle word).

b) Control over the brain in detail; (rank or type of Atua).

c) Control over one special portion; (name of the Atua).

3. The perfumes and other props aid these operations but usually they will tend only to control a large area.

4. If one says; “He Koorero Matauranga Atua Taane” teaches logic, what is meant, those portions of the brain which sub-serve the logical faculty may be stimulated and developed by following out the process called the ‘invocation of Taane’.

5. And this is a purely materialistic rational statement; it is independent of any objective hierarchy at all.

Philosophy has nothing to say; and science can only suspend judgment, pending a proper and methodical investigation of the facts alleged.

6. It is also stated that we can:

a) Obtain information; bring up facts from sub consciousness.

b) Destroy our enemies; it is curious to note the contrast between the noble means and the apparently vile ends of Karakia Maakutu.

The latter are disguises for sublime truths.

“To destroy our enemies”, is to realize the illusion of duality, to excite compassion.

The world of Maakutu (magik) is a mirror.

c) Understanding the voices of nature; a careful naturalist will understand much from the voices of nature and the animals they have lived with.

This faculty may be greatly developed.

d) Obtain treasure; business capacity may be stimulated.

e) Heal diseases; abnormal states of the body may be corrected, and the individual tissues brought back to tone, in obeisance to currents started from the brain.

7. So for all the other phenomena, there is no effect which is truly and necessarily miraculous.

Karakia Maakutu fines down then, to a series of minute, though of course empirical, physiological experiments, and whosoever will carry them through intelligently need not fear the result.

8. Let Te Timata prepare a powerful Karakia of the particular Atua according to ones ingenium; but let it consist of these several parts:

a) First an imprecation, as of a slave unto their lord.

b) Second an oath, as of a vassal to their liege.

c) Third a memorial, as of a child to their parent.

d) Fourth an orison, as a Tohunga unto their Atua

e) Fifth a colloquy, as of Whanau with Whanau.

f) Sixth a conjuration, as of a friend with their friend.

g) Seventh a Whakatauki, as of a Taane to his Wahine.

9. And mark thee well that the first should be of awe, the second of fealty, the third of dependence, the fourth of adoration, the fifth of confidence, the sixth of comradeship, the seventh of passion.

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