Karakia OIA

Unbind the Faithless
Unbind the Avaricious
Unbind the Violent
Unbind the Lustful
Unbind the Slothful
Unbind the Glutton
Unbind the Heretic
Unbind the Fraudulent
Unbind the Traitorous

Let the darkness unbind
Let the ignorance unbind
Let the self-importance unbind
Let the i unbind

Be as it was in the beginning
The No-Thing unbound
Without thought
Without sense
Without form
Without sound

Rire Hau!

Bind the sound
Bind the form
Bind the sense
Bind the thought
Bind the Faith
Bind the Hope
Bind the Strength
Bind the Charity
Bind the Prudence
Bind the Temperance
Bind the Conformity
Bind the Honesty
Bind the Loyalty

Let the light be bound
Let the knowledge be bound
Let the importance be bound
Let the unified be bound
As it was in the beginning
Let the No-Thing be bound
Blessed art thoust being one within the light

Rire Hau!

Arise now as one bound
Be as Oi
The fountain of creation
Arise now as one extended
Be as Io
The light in extension
Arise now as one fixed
Be as Iao
The intent un-corruptible

From the source you have come
To the source you will go
Yet in all ways and in all times
As the source you remain

Your kingdom is the light
Your existence is the light
Your limit is the light
Your name is the light

Light in motion is life
Life in motion is light

Child open now your eyes
And be one with the light

Rire Hau!

Kia Tina Tina Hui E Taiki Eiii!

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