Kauupapa Oo Ngaa Waananga

1. All things have their being through fire and water. Water without land and fire is dead.

Fire without water and land is dead; These things combined -water, earth, fire- give life to land and each other and all things that grow and live and have their own form, whether trees, rocks, birds, reptiles, fish, animals or human.

It is these three things that give life to them all.

It is the same with the sun and the moon and the stars.

They are worlds; earth, water and fire give them their form and the same actuate all things.

2. The air is the compliment of all things.

It is this that continues or holds the life of things.

If there were the earth, the ocean, fire or air alone, nothing would have life.

It is through the earth, water, fire and air combined that all things have life.

3. This is the same with Rangituhaha including Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi; each has its own form of everything within them, with their own form of life suited to each.

The earth has its own form of life as has water, fire, trees, rocks; all plants of every description have their own form of life.

Whatever there is in this world, or in Rangituhaha, all have the same.

Everything that has so been mentioned has a Wairua of its own, similar to itself, each one has a spirit.

Io te Waananga of the heavens is the origin of these things.

These are the things that Io Mata Ngaro retained to the self; the spirit, the life and the form; it is by these that all things have form according to their kind.

4. There is nothing made by Io Nui that has not an end, everything has a termination.

Whether it be by drought, burning by fire, injury by the sun, or the moon, excepting always those forms that Io decrees should have an end in this world or other worlds.

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