A Quiet Cyber Space For The Study Of Maaori, Esoteric, Theosophical, Theological and Anthroposophy Conversations with Assorted Workings and Publications in Classes A.B.C.D.

Founded 2007 Manutuke, Gisborne, Aotearoa by Joyce Whaitiri-Hingston -Rongowhakata, Ruapani, Kahungunu, Mahaki- and Clayton Taylor-Nelson (Teira Naahi)- Ruawaipu, Ngati Porou, Hauiti, Rongowhakata, Kahungunu, Rongomaiwahine-.


“A mental foundation which confirms the establishment of forward movement towards enlightenment shaping the consciousness of Universal Being."

Te Whare Waananga Auturoa was created in response of numerous requests to create a modern independent Cyber Waananga accessible to Maaori Worldwide which encompasses the teachings of Te Tairaawhiti and Whanganui Tohunga with primary focus upon the ancient teachings of Io me Oi and Te Tairaawhiti Whakapapa.

“The elders say there is no one universal system of teaching Whare Waananga."

"Each Iwi has its own Tohunga, its own Waananga, and its own Tikanga.

"Their word is thus:"

“Hold steadfastly to our teaching, leave out of consideration that of other tribes."

"Let their descendants adhere to their teaching and you to ours, so that if you be in error, it is we your relatives who declare it unto you and you are not responsible; and if you are in the right it is we who shall leave to you this valuable property and should have credit thereof.”

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