Mahi o Te Pou Iho Mauii

1. Appoint one whom holds the baptismal waters.

One must not baptize at random, rather those whom desire it must come unto thee.

Only then should the ceremony begin.

2. Appoint two Pou Tuku Iho to challenge the governor until such time their assignment is over.

3. Appoint two Amorangi whose role is to make peace and create understanding.

Will make way for the one whom challenges and accommodates their needs until the end when they must take a stand.

4. The Amorangi, when they hear or learn of anything, must seek it out and consider it.

On discovery the Amorangi of action must hold back and remain silent while the Amorangi of peace remains still though they are indeed two in one.

5. The Pou Tuku Iho, Amorangi and Priesthood must not carry away or load themselves with food.

6. Remember, my people, it is for you to give them the fruits of Autumn.

It's your duty each one of you to do so.

You are the workers, each of you.

7. Amorangi, i say to you, if you go forth alone take sufficient food in your hand.

Remember the Amorangi, Pou and Priesthood are not only responsible to the villages but to the entire land and its people.

8. The following is the Amorangi Program.

When the message is complete, submit it to a leader.

If they are unable to understand or follow it then re-examine a second, a fourth, a fith time until the matter is solved.

9. The Priesthood must not raise above the Amorangi.

So if you discover something, refer it to the Amorangi, who in turn should refer it to the leaders.

Should the leader in turn discover the word, they should reveal it to the Amorangi whom shall proclaim it to the people.

10. Do not doubt each other.

That is bad.

11. Do not criticize our mistakes, whether you are right or wrong.

That which is discovered by one is revealed by god.

A revelation for all to witness.

Should you receive these, treasure them and your god will bless you with all that is good.

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